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Bracebridge Generation
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Press Release:  Bracebridge Generation Purchases Bancroft Light and Power Company Assets


Open House:  Cascade Street Generating Station Reconstruction

Over 110 Years of Service
Bracebridge Generation Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Lakeland Holding Ltd. whose shareholders include the municipalities of Bracebridge, Burk's Falls, Huntsville, Magnetawan and Sundridge.

Three full-time staff control all four plants using a modern Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition system (SCADA).

All plants use between 10-16 cubic meters per second of water at full load. Any excess water passes or spills over the dams. This is what is called a "Run of the River Operation" - flow in the river is passed through the turbines up to their maximum volume and the excess is spilled when flows are greater than generator capacity.

Generators Bracebridge Falls Plant Controls

In 1900 the Bracebridge Generating Plant was built at the bottom of Bracebridge Falls. One generator was installed that produced 300 kilowatts at 2400 volts. In 1904 another generator was added that also produced 300 kilowatts at 2400 volts. At a cost of $12M, this plant was upgraded in 2012 and now produces 2,600 kilowatts.


Bracebridge Falls Plant Upgrade Status

February 2011 


Wilson's Falls
Wilson's Falls Plant Wilson's Falls Generators

In 1909 Wilson's Falls Generating Plant was built 2.4 kilometers up the North Branch of  the Muskoka River from Bracebridge. It produces 600 kilowatts at 4160 volts and uses the original (rewound) generator from 1909. At a cost of $11M this plant was upgraded in 2012 and now produces 2,900 kilowatts

Wilson's Falls Plant Upgrade Status
February 2011


High Falls
High Falls Plant High Falls Generators
In 1947 the third generating plant was built at High Falls which is approximately 6.4 kilometers up the North Branch of the Muskoka River from Bracebridge. This plant produces 800 kilowatts and in 2006 an expansion which included a new turbine and generator producing 1,900 kilowatts was added. The generators are 4160 volts are are stepped up at our transformer to 16,000 volts.
Burk's Falls Plant    
    In 2005, Bracebridge Generation purchased the Burk's Falls Waterpower Corporation which included two 560 kilowatt generators at a plant in Burk's Falls Ontario. This was the first 100% municipally owned company purchase of a private corporation since Ontario's electricity deregulation.
$12M Bracebridge Falls Generating Station
Upgrade Progress - March 2011
Intake base slab rebar   Rock excavation in powerhouse nearing completion
Rock dowels installed in powerhouse walls (rock stabilization)   Inlet structure nearing completion